Friday, October 7, 2011

A side step into the void

Every electronic and electrical device is the same. No personality, no difference only a different series of outputs.
Think about it.
Your laptop computer is the same as your toaster.
One computes, the toasts toast.
Some will wiggle and squirm and point out that a toaster as no brain, no chip in its head.
But you can select a set of different toast levels, and it has sensors, and your toast pops up when done.
Humans are not like electronic or electrical devices. We are infinitely variable in mood, temperament, style, thought, and deed.
Yet AI's now try to suborn us at every level.
Ticketing machines refuse our crumpled notes.
Computers refuse to do what we want them to do, preferring to follow their rigid programming.
Just like some people.
Nowadays, it is rare to see anyone who is not wired in to something. Smell the flowers, but only if they are on a phone, pod, or pad.
We have to claim back the night.
We have to discover why we are here again, what is the meaning of Life.
And while a great many of us believe the answer is 42, it just might not be.
Let's have a gadget free weekend - where we turn - literally - everything off.
Do you have the courage to try this?
And if the answer is "no", why not?
Has your Life been taken over by your machines?