Friday, February 27, 2009

Passion and profit go hand in hand

My daughter, aged 13 years, taught me this lesson.
If you are passionate about what you do, you will always profit from the effort.
Profit is many things, but underlining profit is learning, experience, satisfaction, self-actualization.
She plays the cello and the piano.
Better than I could ever imagine.
She just toured the world in 17 days, playing in Shanghai, Tallinn, Spain, and then debuting in Carnegie Hall.
I was concerned that she didn't have the technique to play at that level.
She probably doesn't.
But everywhere she went, the orchestra she plays with got standing ovations.
You see, they play with heart - with passion - they risk all, and gain everything.
Passion makes profit - think about this as you find the light.
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Thursday, February 26, 2009


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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doom and Gloom doesn't necessarily mean Despair!

The Secrets of Excellence in Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership are the two most critical aspects of performance in any organization, especially one dedicated to delivering Service.
Leadership is essentially easy – it’s simply taking people where they don’t know they can go.
Management is a little harder – you have to understand the full range of dynamics that affect your inputs and your outputs, and the metrics by which you have to Measure, Manage, Change, and Profit.
Research shows clearly that today, many Organizations are poorly served in terms of “People” management.
To understand the power you have at your fingertips, you only have to understand the ten tenants of successful Leadership, as they apply to Change Management.

The Ten Commandments of Leadership

To maximize your Leadership ability, you must change.

True Leadership requires great love, of yourself and of all others.

In losing respect for others, you lose a measure of self-respect, and diminish your Leadership ability.

No one can, or wants to, develop your Leadership ability for you.

You can replenish your Leadership ability by doing new and different things, and by avoiding repetitious habits.

You can always quit and run away, but you can never run away from yourself.

The process of quitting quickly diminishes your Leadership ability.

Where there's a will, there's a way. Just by deciding to do something (be a Leader) you empower your intellect, and your Leadership ability swells and builds like an infectious disease.

Your true Leadership ability comes from within, and is directly proportional to the purity of your soul, and the honesty of your intent. It fuelled by positive, right actions, and is destroyed by negative, wrong actions.

Demonstrating Leadership, on every possible occasion reduces Stress, and prolongs Life! Yours, and all those who depend on you.

Developing your true Leadership ability is like awakening a sleeping giant, or surviving a one thousand-bomber raid on your mind. It is a "shocking" experience, because it tends to set your imagination and your intuitive abilities on fire, which Motivates you to great heights. There is simply nothing you can't do if you develop your Leadership ability to its fullest potential.
So what is your real Leadership ability?
It is your personal (individual, private, your own, secret, and special) power (force, control, influence, authority, direction, and mastery), and it is the sum total of all your experience, of all your learning, and of all your abilities. It is available to all, but accepted by few. It is something that can and does make a real difference, to you and to everyone who comes in with you.
It's what makes the difference between being rich (affluent, wealthy, prosperous, and comfortable), having true prosperity (fame, prestige, status, and happiness), and being ultimately successful (efficient, prosperous, triumphant, victorious, distinguished, outstanding, and a star). Not to mention the long, rich Life you will live as a consequence.
Management is a philosophy, an attitude, and a way of approaching the way you do things. It encompasses everything that is transacted in any environment, and demands that an Honest, Open, and Transparent process be at the very heart of every profit exchange.
As someone much wiser than us said, “If you positively perform for your People,
Your people will profitably perform for you”.
If you are Leader, you are always looking for the good things in People, never their faults. You are always on the lookout for improvement and a way to do things better. You are comfortable being “you”, and helping others to be themselves.
Becoming a Leader is easier than you think.
All you have to do is understand what it is that is working against you, and discover how to deal with it.
You need to appreciate how simple, yet complex, being human can be!