Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hitting the Wall

Every change process hist the wall sometime. People seem disgruntled, out of sorts, unhappy with the process. Psychologically, this is due to the instinct side of the mind realizing the acceptance of the fact that all was not as it should have been, and begrudgingly, perhaps the change process is worthwhile after all. No one likes to admit that they knowingly allowed a bad situation to exist, and just worked around it, not having the interest, position, or energy to try and fix it.
And our SME hit this wall yesterday.
We counselled the management, as we always do, and they quietly went around speaking to peole, asking exactly what the issues were.
And today we are working out the next step in the process, armed with a new level of contribution from the staff, and a whole bunch of intelligence on how to succeed.
Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Changing your Mojo

The SME we are working with for the one week Change Management Program has undergone a remarkable reformation. To use the words of it's President (CEO/MD), "We rediscovered the power of our people".
The organization was struggling to survive in the current economic environment, and wanted a strategy to manage their business without sacrificing their people, many of whom have been with the company for many years. After a series of discussions, and some internal research, we suggested that they conduct a "soft" series of discussions, person by person, to see if there were any immediate activities that could be identified that might become "game changers".
This process took two days, and resulted in over seventy suggestions.
It took another day for a Self Managed Team to align these suggestions with the current business plan, and prioritize them against a resource map.
Then three of the activities were implemented on the fourth day.
With immediate results.
The organization now believes that they have clawed back 10c in the dollar in just one week. An outstanding result for a "virtual" program.
Stay turned for what happens next!
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Finding the light Day 1

After lengthy Q&A's via the net, and getting key staff to complete a series of simple cogitative surveys, we suggested that the company consider reviewing three of its key systems and processes used to identify and manage the selling process.
They did.
Invested a few hours, looked hard at the work flow, and changed several steps overnight. They eliminated some uplication, and managed to get key information lower down the communication chain.
Now they are looking at the next step.
They marked the process 8 out of 10, pending a week or so of working the new system to see how it delivers.
But already they believe they are recovering some cents they were previously unaware of, hidden as it was in legacy systemsand old thinking
Stay tuned - you too can find the light, and you too can gain positive outcomes very quickly. As this Client said in an email, "We didn't know what we didn't know, and stupidly, we didn't even know where to look for the answers."
You do -

Friday, May 1, 2009

What makes a new day?

I had an email last night from a company President in NY, asking us how he could change his company dynamics without sacrificing his people. We quickly ran him through our preliminary research filters and we discovered that while his company was in jeopardy, his people might be the solution.
Research carried out around the world for the last 24 years clearly shows that the average small business (Annual Revenue < $20m) has a productivity factor of 74%.
This means that 26% of every dollar spent deriving revenue is either wasted or non-productive.
Systems , processes, and people are chewing up 26c in every dollar spent.
We suggested three simple strategies that the company will implement over the weekend, with a promise to report back daily all next week.
We will share this feedback with you.
What makes a new day?
A new attitude.
Find the light, and you find the way to success and a stress free environment.
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